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Avidemux 5.7.7

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  • Developer:Mean
  • Size:
  • Operating System:-
  • license:GPL
  • Version:5.7.7

Avidemux's Description

Free and open source image viewer for your Mac GQview is a lightweight image viewer that includes thumbnail previews, external editor support, is simple to navigate and has zoom features. Here are some key features of "GQview": · Thumbnail list display. · Thumbnails can be cached to disk for faster subsequent loads. · One click file selection. · Zoom in, out, and fit to window. · Slideshow. · Mode that zoom reverts to on a new image can be configured. · File filtering options. · Supports most file types if the libraries are available on the system. · Basic file operations (create directory, copy, move, rename, and delete). · Drag and drop. · Can open a file in an external program (customizable). · Tab completion in most path entry areas. · .xvpics thumbnail read-only support. · Collections (file lists). · Search utility. · Find duplicates based on file attributes or image content. · Full screen viewing. · Program remains responsive at all times, image loading can be interrupted. · Internationalization, includes translations for many languages (see README). · EXIF support. · Printing, including proof sheets. · Can attach keywords and comments to images. · Supports the Thumbnail managing standard. · Command line control of existing GQview process. Requirements: · Gtk+ Whats New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Add support for color profiles (requires lcms to be enabled) · Add ability to delete a folder and its contents (with restrictions). · Add support for jpegs embedded in pentax and olympus raw files. · Add icons for image state, enabled with I keyboard shortcut. · For pan view calendar only show months that contain an image. · Make scrolling with overlays (full screen info display) a bit smoother. · Make sort menus display choices as radio group instead of checkbox. · Use white background for transparent images when printing. · Escape filename characters "`$ before passing them to the system shell when running an editor command. · Fix occasional crash in icon view when removing files. · Always use aligned memory access in EXIF parser, fixes crash with BUS error on sparc. · Fix progress bar warning when removing files while loading thumbnails. · Fix image count in full screen information overlay when in slideshow. · Fix memory leak when unable to start a slideshow.

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