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KMPlayer 4.1.3

Quick specs

  • Developer:Koos Vriezen
  • Size:
  • Operating System:-
  • license:GPL
  • Version:4.1.3

KMPlayer's Description

A video player plugin for Konqueror using MPlayer, Xine or GStreamer. KMPlayer is a video player plugin for Konqueror using MPlayer, Xine or GStreamer. Like MPlayer, the Xine and GStreamer backend are out-of-process players. So it will not crash konqueror when Xine or GStreamer crashes.Also a simple tool for video playing and recording. Supports many playlist formats, including podcast RSS/Atom, plays all links directly from the internet. Other specialties are DVD, VCD and VDR support.The stand-alone player ( shares its core ( with the plugins ( one, keeping both plugin and stand-alone player as lean (and secure) as possible.Actually, I wouldnt be suprised if the majority of KMPlayer users only use the plugin and use one of the other great movie players for KDE for other means.The stand-alone application can additionally:- play DVD (DVDNav only with the Xine player)- play VCD- let the backend players play from a pipe (read from stdin)- play from a TV device (experimental)- show backend players console output- launch ffserver (only 0.4.8 works) when viewing from a v4l device- DCOP KMediaPlayer interface support- VDR viewer frontend (with *kxvplayer), configure VDR keys with standard KDE shortcut configure window- Lots of configurable shortcuts. Highly recommended for the VDR keys (if you have VDR) and volume increase/decrease. Here are some key features of "KMPlayer": · play movies from file/url using MPlayer, Xine (with *kxineplayer) or GStreamer (with *kgstplayer), making the plugin support as many as possible and, because all three are embedded external programs, keeping konqueror from crashing, · keep movie sizes ratio · volume slider using backend players volume control and a volume slider using kmix or sound mixer applet (kicker) in the pop-down menu, · position slider · Javascript support for controlling the plugin from web pages javascript, and of course preventing script errors on pages calling these functions, · Click to Play support for QuickTimes HREF attribute, · lots of attributes supported, AUTOSTART, FULLSCREENMODE, CONSOLE, CONTROLS etc. Also, the CONSOLE/CONTROLS for RealPlayer plugin, allows KMPlayer to split-up over multible objects, · bookmark menu in the popup menu, so you can easily bookmark a stream for later w/o having to visit the web site all the time, · support for typical used playlist formats as ASX, RAM, m3u, pls and partially SMIL and a dockable viewer for it. This allows you to easy navigate or bookmark certain streams. · recording using mencoder, mplayer -dumpstream or ffmpeg · resize/fullscreen support · proxy settings from konqueror are used to set http_proxy environment variable for backend processes, · configurable pattern matching for MPlayer and easy Xine configuration editor Whats New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Hopefully fix crash reported in · Implement animateColor · Dont set plugins background color ( · Fix animation timer not killed · Update hardcoded flash version to 10.0r22 · Fix audio previews with flash on ( · Fix slider for scaling the video

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