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MB Janam Kundali 1.9

Quick specs

  • Developer:MysticBoard
  • Size:1.7M
  • Operating System:Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows NT
  • license:Shareware
  • Version:1.9

MB Janam Kundali's Description

MB Janam Kundali is a user-friendly and intuitive application developed to provide you with an exact map of the planets at the moment of your birth, according to the Vedic astrology system, using all the relevant details, such as name, date or location. The program is fairly simple to use, requiring little to no previous experience with similar tools. First, you need to enter your name in the allotted field, then your date of birth, including day, month and year, even hour and minute. Moreover, in order for the calculations to be accurate, MB Janam Kundali requires that you enter the precise Latitude and Longitude coordinates in degrees or minutes, for the Northern / Southern and the Eastern / Western hemispheres. Similarly, you need to enter the city, state and country of your birth. If you do not know the geographical coordinates, you can click the assigned button and it will perform an Internet search, allowing you to quickly learn the precise values. When you have finished inputting all the required data, you can press one of the three buttons, depending on the map style in which you want the results to be presented in, namely 'South Indian', 'North Indian' or 'East Indian', in accordance with your personal preferences. MB Janam Kundali will almost automatically perform the necessary calculations and display the maps, while also allowing you to switch between styles. Additionally, you can press the 'Show Interpretation' button in order to learn 'More About Planets and Signs', 'More About Nakshatra', 'More About Lagna' or 'More About Rashi', with each section containing detailed information about your birth date. To conclude, MB Janam Kundali is a interesting software utility whose main purpose is to offer you data about the zodiacal signs and planets under which you were born and their interpretation. Reviewed by Marina Dan, last updated on January 5th, 2014

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