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Video2Photo 1.0 2015

Quick specs

  • Size:3.58MB
  • Operating System:Windows
  • license:Free
  • Version:1.0 2015

Video2Photo's Description

OpenMONI is a semi-transparent on-desktop system monitor for OpenBSD. OpenMONI is a semi-transparent on-desktop system monitor for OpenBSD. It does not require anything additional on a standard OpenBSD installation (any port or package).It is fully scriptable, and has a simple, easy-to-understand Lisp-like scripting language (OML). You can fully control OpenMONIs behaviour and style from OML. OpenMONI comes with a pack of OML scripts ready to use.Here are some key features of "OpenMONI":· Weather plugin - far from OK. Though works in most cases. (disabled)· Centralized depend, subdepend, recurse and nothing targets.· README.TXT· Centralized definitions for graphics context members. (in omls/x.oml)· Less compilcated desc_table implementation.· MEMLEAK fixed : destroying fifo structure doesnt leak memory any more.· OpenMONI survives the absence of init.oml - using default init values.· Transparency & round corner radius setup via init.oml.· BUGFIX : now oml requires the descriptor table. It wasnt required if· it had been compiled only with MATHSUPPORT - in most cases at least FILESUPPORT· is compiled in.· Simple experimental net IO support added.· 1024 Kb is written now as 1Mb in the netscope label.· Scope oml doesnt abort if the net interface could not be openend.· At least the background calculation supports other than 24 bit depth.· BUGFIX : Some WM doesnt set up a background image for the RootWindow => we cant grab it.· Standalone oml interpreter can use the netload support.· BUGFIX : unsupported function now returns NIL if nessecarry.· execute keyword introduces.· several MEMLEAKS fixed.· If charging level is less than x%, the info is printed in warningcolour.· Destroyed values go into the cache.· random keyword.Whats New in This Release:· Many bugs have been fixed.· Several memory leaks have been plugged.· Multiple color depth support has been added.· New options appeared in init.oml, like "hide on taskbar", "allow wm to decorate window", and others.· Arithmetic operators are now capable of handling several operands.

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